What is the main function of SANI-AMANZI?

Firstly, to kill waterborne pathogens in the water which causes infectious diseases in humans. Secondly, to make the water clear through a flocculation process.


Why must the water stand for 30 minutes before it is filtered?

To ensure that the chemicals have enough time to kill the pathogens in the water.


Will water always become clear through flocculation with SANI-AMANZI?

No. We are however the leaders in successful water clarity, and our research and development team are busy investigating new formulas.

Any product in the market that claims that their product will make any water irrespective of pH clear, every time, is making false claims and should be reported to the authorities.


How many liters of contaminated water can be treated with 1 SANI-AMANZI sachet?

SANI-AMANZI is packaged in sachet weighing only 6g.

For 20 litres of contaminated water, you will only need 1 6g sachet of SANI-AMANZI to ensure safe drinking water.


What influences solids in water not to settle with SANI-AMANZI?

There are millions of water sources in South Africa alone. Each water source has a different water chemistry. Water chemistry influences flocculation (clarity) but not the sanitation process.


Does the clarity of water pose a health risk to people?

Clarity of water in essence does not pose a health threat to humans. Waterborne pathogens do.

Crystal clear water, like your tap water, may contain deadly pathogenic bacteria and protozoan parasites. SANI-AMANZI was designed to kill these pathogens.


Is there a chemical taste in the water when using SANI-AMANZI?

When SANI-AMANZI is challenged in highly contaminated water, there will be no to little chemical tase. When used in clear tap water, and it is not challenged to fight contamination, the chemicals may remain suspended in the water to leave a chemical taste.

Fortunately, should the water have a chemical taste, it will not be harmful to you. A chemical taste will give you the assurance that there is a product in the water, and it is there to protect you against waterborne pathogens.


Will SANI-AMANZI remove salt from sea water?