SANI-99™ DISINFECTANT vs. Alcohol based sanitizers


The Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on the difference between alcohol-based sanitizers and effective non-alcohol based disinfectants. Let’s compare SANI-99™ to alcohol-based sanitizers.


Flammable. Extremely dangerous in most cases. Mostly uncontrolled dosage and unregulated percentage content.

Non-flammable. Water-based product. Controlled packaging of only 6g.

Efficacy radically influenced when diluted at less than 80%.
Highly effective at 6g = 1lt.
Evaporates. The higher the concentration of the alcohol content, the faster it will evaporates thus being very in-effective.
Does not evaporate.SANI-99™ remains very effective for long periods of time.
Alcohol has zero residual value. When put on any surface it will be effective for a few seconds
SANI-99™ increase in disinfecting strength, the longer it is left.
Alcohol is offensive to some religions NON-ALCOHOL
Alcohol disinfectant products can prompt people to drink it.
Can be very expensive in small volumes and affordable to the many.
Affordable disinfectant for all people.
Need to purchase a new bottle with alcohol disinfectant when used up.
With SANI-99™, wherever you have water, you will have a disinfectant. You can never run out of disinfectant with SANI-99™
Very difficult to transport. High volumes are difficult to courier. To transport 2 million litres of alcohol-based sanitizers, will require 66 X 30-ton trucks!
2 million SANI-99™ sachets (2 million liters) will only need 1X 30-ton truck! Alcohol based liquid products CANNOT compete to the mobility of SANI-99™. This makes SANI-99™ the cheapest method to get a disinfectant to the masses.
Alcohol based products cannot kill tough bacteria and remove spores.
Bacteria, viruses and spores has no defence against SANI-99™ Alcohol based products will not pass the stringent EN 1276 efficacy test without being harmful and a danger to humans.SANI-99™ has passed the EN 1276
Alcohol based products will not pass the stringent EN 1276 efficacy test without being harmful and a danger to humans.
SANI-99™ has passed the EN 1276 disinfectant efficacy test with flying colours, AND is still safe to humans and animals.
Alcohol sanitizers are currently the largest contributor of plastic bottle contamination.
SANI-99™ prides itself with: ‘ONE BOTTLE FOR LIFE’. With SANI-99™ you will not have to replace your bottle every time it is empty as with alcohol sanitizers.
Alcohol based sanitizer dries out your skin and can cause dermatitis with long-term use. It cannot be used by people with severe skin diseases.
SANI-99™ has in most cases proven to create a ‘soothing’ skin after being used on hands.